Defra have opened a consultation on a Draft Policy Statement on Environmental Principles. The deadline for this consultation is 2nd June 2021.


The Environmental Bill created a duty on Ministers of the Crown to have due regard to this policy statement on environmental principles when making policy.

The legally binding statement will set out five environmental principles to guide the UK Government’s work and ensure that considerations for the environment remain central to policy-making. The policy statement will require the consideration of:

  • An integration principle
  • A prevention principle
  • Rectification at source
  • The polluter pays principle
  • The precautionary principle

“This policy statement does not seek to dictate a set formula for how environmental principles should be applied to policy-making; instead, it aims to empower Ministers and those working on their behalf to think creatively and use environmental principles in an innovative and forward-thinking way to protect and enhance the environment whilst supporting innovation and economic growth.”

The consultation can be accessed and responded to here. The REA is currently considering whether to respond to this consultation. Please contact us here with any questions or comments.