Consultation on ending the retail sale of peat in horticulture in England and Wales

Defra have published a consultation that aims to address measures to end the use of peat and peat containing products in the retail sector in England and Wales. They are seeking views on each of the proposed measures and how they could operate. The consultation also includes a call for evidence on the impacts of ending the use of peat and peat containing products in the professional horticulture and wider sectors.

In the consultation, Defra are proposing a ban on the sale of peat and peat containing products (products that wholly or partially include peat) in the retail sector. Any ban will apply to domestic and imported peat, alike. They are also proposing consideration of other measures:

  • Introducing point of sale measures for bagged growing media (a point-of-sale charge for the purchase of any growing media bag containing peat; and mandatory labelling and point of sale material containing detail of the environmental reasons for eschewing products containing peat).
  • Mandatory reporting of the volume of peat sold for all sellers of peat and peat containing products.

The deadline for responses is 18th March and you can respond directly here. REA will be responding on behalf of members, please send comments to Emily by 4th March