The Department for Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) have published a policy paper describing a provisional common framework for resources and waste. The paper is intended to set out proposals for how the UK Government and devolved governments can work together on resources and waste, which is a devolved policy area. The paper has received ministerial approval from all four governments, and is currently under parliamentary scrutiny.

The REA has provided feedback on this paper through our engagement with the Parliamentary Committee on the Enviromnent, Food, and Rural Affairs.

The Common Frameworks are established following the UK’s exit from the European Union, and ensure a common approach is taken where powers have returned from the EU which intersect with policy areas of devolved competence.

The Framework was written on the expectation that the devolved Governments will continue to make a substantial of their own legislation. In the Framework, the parties agreed to a Concordat covering scope, principles for working together, a dispute avoidance and resolution mechanism, a review and amendment mechanism, and international obligations. The Framework also sets out a fora for discussions pertaining to anything described under the Concordat, including policy in scope of the framework and disputes.

The Common Framework can be read here. Please contact us here if you have any feedback or would like further details.