Defra seeks feedback for review of Farming Rules for Water



The Farming Rules for Water were introduced in 2018 and Government is committed to reviewing these by April 2021, and as such are seeking feedback.

The objectives of the FRfW were to:

  • encourage better land management
  • reduce and prevent water pollution caused by agricultural practices
  • reduce and prevent soil erosion caused by agricultural practices
  • improve resource efficiency.

To conduct a valuable and informative review, Defra are keen to consider evidence and suggestions from a range of sources and the REA intend to provide input on behalf of our members. The terms of reference for the review can be seen here.

Defra have put together some key questions below:

  1. Do the rules pose any barriers to your work and if so, what are they?
  2. Are you aware of how the rules affect you?
  3. Have there been any unintended effects of the rules on your work? If so, can you give examples?
  4. Are the rules effective in their aim to provide a minimum baseline for land managers?

The deadline for responses is the 15th January.


REA Response:

To inform the REA response, please send any comments you have on the above or any further thoughts to Jenny Grant by 10th January. We are planning to arrange a meeting for interested members to discuss and develop our response so please contact Jenny if you are interested in joining this.