The Environmental Agency (EA) have published the long awaited response to the review of the Quality Protocols. Following their call for evidence at the start of the year, they have concluded their reviews of the first three QPs and have said they need revising – this applies to the compost, anaerobic digestate, and poultry litter QPs. They intend to revise these with the aim of republishing them as Resource Frameworks.

The EA are planning to set up a task and finish group for each QP to support the revisions, and this must be set up by 30th May 2021 or their support for the QP will be withdrawn. The EA expect industry to fund the revision and they will provide an estimate (previous discussions with the EA indicated this would be around £20K per QP). The revision will not commence until the funding is agreed.

Whilst the revision is taking place you can continue to use the existing QPs. The EA’s statement includes details on what issues they consider need to be addressed. These include reviewing the plastics limits and risk assessments.

The REA have agreed with the EA to hold a workshop on 20th January in the morning, for the EA to provide some further information on their reviews of the compost and AD QPs and plan for the revision process. Further details will be sent out on how to book, but please save the date in the meantime.

Read the EA response in full here.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Jenny Grant.