Energy UK have published, with input from the REA, a report titled “The Future of Electric Vehicle Smart Charging”. The report explores different approaches to smart charging.

Read the report in full here.

REA CEO Dr Nina Skorupska CBE said in her foreword: 

“Smart charging of electric vehicles in homes and workplaces is essential to ensuring mass adoption and enabling a wider transition to a future based on renewable energy and clean technologies. Success, in our view, looks like a secure and consumer-friendly system that reduces costs for owners and the overall electricity system and enables the uptake of technologies like renewable heat, solar PV, and battery storage.

Smart metering plays an essential role in this future low-carbon home and business environment. However, we need to make sure that the standards and processes we develop for smart charging keep those pioneering companies installing and operating this technology competitive, and that we are setting them up for success abroad.

This report highlights how this balance can be struck in a rapidly evolving environment. The Government should allow for the charging sector to meet its stated outcomes, and provide opportunities for those companies that wish to integrate with the smart metering system to do so, without being so prescriptive as reduce our competitiveness and slow adoption.”