REA’s ETRI report assesses the readiness of 13 European countries for the energy transition, from the perspective of investors, looking at flexibility services that support deployment of renewable power and decarbonisation.

Please download the report here.

The ETRI 2022 study updates the ranking of the original 12 countries (UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland) included in previous editions of this report, to measure progress over the past year and now additionally includes Poland as our 13th country.

The report describes some of the key electricity market characteristics for each country, assessing the current and future need for flexible power resources, and this year takes a special look into how the recent energy crisis has affected the countries ambition on net zero and the development of grid flexibility.

ETRI 2022 is kindly sponsored by Eaton and Eversheds Sutherland.