EV Experience in 2025 conference – REA Sponsorship Prospectus


An annual opportunity for stakeholders in the UK’s electric vehicle charging industry to convene and envision the collective consumer experience of the vehicles, charge points, and other EV products that are on the market or under development by 2025. Organised for the industry by the industry.

Now in it’s third year and set for the 2nd June 2020 in London, the REA is seeking potential sponsors to be involved in shaping the agenda. Key themes discussed in past years include vehicle manufacture and deployment, vehicle sales, infrastructure deployment, roaming / interoperability, ride-sharing, fleet uptake, and policy direction.

The conference typically hosts 100-110 individuals working for charge point installers, manufacturers, and operators in addition to vehicle manufacturers, energy suppliers, IDNOs, fleet operators, trade associations, payments companies, Government, local authorities, and property managers/developers.

Details below. If you are not a REA member and are interested in being involved, please email Daniel Brown, Policy Manager and EV Lead at the REA.

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