Seamless access to charging networks is a crucial topic for individual drivers, fleets, regulators, manufacturers, property owners, and charge point operators.

Interoperability (also known as e-roaming) across public charging networks in the UK is a growing issue of debate and discussion.

Building on the REA’s research and position paper from February 2019, and on numerous interoperability agreements signed over the year between UK market actors, the REA in February 2020 hosted a half-day seminar with leading roaming solutions providers.

The REA views public charging interoperability as an important industry topic. We see our role as an Association being to raise the profile of the issue and equip members with the ability to make informed choices.

Slides from the event can be found below. All are hosted on the REA server as PDFs.

Introduction Panel

EV Tech slides – Introduction to the types of roaming (including the roaming hub models and peer-to-peer model), the actors in the EV charging ecosystem, and what roaming means on a practical level for a charge point operator and
a consumer

OLEV slides – Presentation on the Charging Experience and Government Policy

ZapMap slides – On consumer perceptions of accessing public charging points

Break-out workshops

Gireve slides (roaming hub model)

Hubject slides (roaming hub model)

ChargePoint slides (peer-to-peer model)



With questions or to get involved in the REA’s work on this topic, contact us at [email protected].

The agenda from the event can be found here.