On 28 January 2022, HSE launched a consultation on proposals to amend the GSMR.

GSMR applies to the conveyance of natural gas (methane) through pipes to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. The regulations cover four main areas:

  1. the safe management of gas flow through a network, particularly those parts supplying domestic consumers, and a duty to minimise the risk of a gas supply emergency;
  2. arrangements for dealing with supply emergencies;
  3. arrangements for dealing with reported gas escapes and gas incidents; and
  4. gas composition.

Leading gas industry experts have been influential in bringing these proposals to consultation and we are now seeking views on gas quality, gas interchangeability, oxygen content in gas distribution networks, pipelines conveying biomethane and the gas network, co-operation duties and the gas emergency telephone service.

The proposals for amendments to GSMR aim to maintain and improve safety standards in gas transmission and distribution, whilst diversifying permitted gas sources to ensure Great Britain can continue to meet its energy needs as we transition to a net zero future.

The consultation, using an on-line survey, is open for eight weeks until 21 March 2022.

Access the consultation here.

Please send any comments to Kiara Zennaro at [email protected]