The first food waste facility in Poland using the high performance ECOGI pre-treatment technology will open in Spring 2022.

This new facility will be owned and operated by a well-established company specializing in the collection, transport and management of bio-waste in Poland. already have plans to build a network of facilities using the highly effective Danish technology.

Processing all types of source separated food waste from homes and businesses, the new facility near Warsaw will be able to process 50,000 tonnes of food waste per annum. Gemidan Ecogi A/S have bespoke designed the ECOGI installation to use a crane-based feed system which best suits processing operation.

By choosing ECOGI for the pre-treatment of food waste will be able to target more customers by having the ability to process a greater range of feedstocks including the more problematic physically contaminated materials.

Lars Ravn Nielsen, CEO at Gemidan Ecogi A/S, feels that it was the proven effectiveness and flexibility of ECOGI in removing all types of physical contamination (plastic, glass, metals etc.) from feedstocks that won over in their choice of pre-treatment technologies.

Once this facility is fully operational the total food waste processed using ECOGI pre-treatment technology will be close to 250,000 tonnes each year.