In 2022, Fife Council conducted a waste analysis that revealed food and garden waste accounted for 31% of residual waste in Fife. Since then, they have taken action to improve their food waste collections.

The Council conducted a 12-week trial in three high-rise buildings in Kirkcaldy. The residents of the buildings received household food caddies and liners, along with instructions on proper usage. New communal food waste bins were conveniently located near the front door of the buildings, making it easy for residents to dispose of their food waste. A total of 1.573 tonnes of food waste was collected during the trial (43 kg per week per building). Residents said they appreciated the convenience of the bin locations, reduced odours, and the user-friendly design of the food-waste collection system. Surveys conducted during the trial highlighted the positive impact of the initiative on resident recycling habits and overall satisfaction.

The successful trial led Sandy Anderson, Fife Council’s Service Manager, to announce their initiative to expand food waste collection services to all high and medium-rise flats in Fife. The phased implementation will commence in specific areas before expanding regionally and involves installing 30 pedal-operated food waste units. Fife Council hopes to collect an additional 50 tonnes of food waste per year to be processed by Cireco, a local dry-AD plant. Zero Waste Scotland is funding the program to ensure residents receive the necessary bins and caddies for effective food waste collection. This endeavour aligns with Fife Council’s Climate Fife 2024 Strategy and Action Plan, reinforcing the region’s commitment to sustainability and climate resilience.

You can read about the trial and upcoming Fife Council initiative here.