Water UK, its member Water and Sewage companies (WaSCs), CIWEM, Atkins, regulators and other stakeholders have collaborated to create a long-term framework for the safe, sustainable management of bioresources (in this context, the solids extracted from wastewater treatment).

There are a range of potential pathways but not a single ‘ideal’ strategy due to the level of uncertainty regarding the regulatory framework (specifically regarding emerging contaminants), the need for further R&D to improve the confidence in alternative strategies and the potential lead time to deploy. However, the route-map created shows the multi-faceted options available to the industry and provides flexibility to tailor to an individual WaSC’s circumstances.  Detailed recommendations have been made on critical next steps.

WaSCs had early access to the project’s full report (including route-map) and it is now available to other stakeholders (REA members please ensure you are logged in to see the article and link to the full report).  A summary report is being finalised by Water UK.

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