In December 2023, DESNZ published a Call for Evidence on the decarbonisation options for Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM). The term NRMM broadly refers to any mobile machine, transportable equipment or vehicle that is not intended for the transport of goods or passengers on the road, but with a combustion engine such as construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

The call for evidence can found here and was seeking information as summarised below:

  • how Non Road Mobile Machinery is currently being used
  • what decarbonisation options are available to NRMM ( efficiency measures, process changes, fuel switching technologies etc)
  • what opportunities and barriers to deploying decarbonisation options are present
  • whether the existing policies in place will mean NRMM can decarbonise in line with net zero
  • should the Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy be applied to determine if further government intervention is needed to achieve the above

The REA have a few members that expressed an interest in this area so please find the response here.

For any questions, please contact Frank Gordon on [email protected]