Ofgem has released a consultation and draft guidance on proposed further validation of NDRHI / RTFO interaction by biomethane producers.

This is to ensure that all biomethane producers claiming RHI support are complying with existing obligations and no dual claiming for the same unit of biomethane is taking place under the RTFO.

Ogem are proposing to introduce a further level of validation to their administration processes. Their preferred option is for all producers to submit independently audited information determining and confirming any NDRHI/RTFO interaction within a new, separate section of the existing Annual Sustainability Audit. They are also proposing that the report is prepared by an independent auditor in accordance with the requirements of limited assurance engagements prescribed in ISAE 3000 (revised) or equivalent.

The consultation document can be found here and the consultation closes on 30th July 2021. Please send any comment to Kiara & Paul ([email protected] & [email protected]).