The Italian Composting Consortium (CIC) has summarised results on monitoring of plastics and bioplastics in Italy’s organic recycling sector between 2019 and 2020.

The study* found that the average ‘drag effect’ amongst 27 organic waste recycling facilities monitored was 2.75 times (on a w/w basis) the amount of non-compostable fraction in the biowaste. ‘Drag effect’ is a term used for the biowaste removed from the system with the non-compostable fraction.

*M. Centemero, CIC (Italian Composting Consortium), Webinar ‘CIC-Corepla 2019 – 2020 Study – Plastics and bioplastics in the organic recycling chain‘, 7th July 2020, Optimization of organic waste recycling, Summary of the results of the monitoring programme, p28.