The REA – Decarbonising the Economy

View the manifesto here.

The REA is working towards a future built on renewable energy and clean technology. We represent over 500 members from across the renewable energy, recycling, energy storage and electric vehicle charging sectors. We champion, inform and empower our members; so they are profitable, sustainable businesses. Together we are decarbonising the economy.

We want the next Government to share our ambition and unleash the potential of the renewable energy and clean technology sector.

Our vision is for:

  • Renewable energy and clean technology to be market competitive, supported by policy.
  • Industry and the public to embrace renewable energy and clean technologies, leaving fossil fuels behind.
  • Renewable energy and clean technology to deliver jobs across the country, and those in declining high carbon industries to be reskilled.

The REA’s strength is that we look at the changing resource and energy landscape as a whole and how this impacts our members, from those who deliver a specific technology or solution, to those engaged in multiple technologies across many sectors. We know what needs to happen to achieve our ambition. This document contains the key policy asks of the REA – it is made available to all UK political parties for their consideration and review.