This report was drafted by Cenex & the UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association (UK EVSE), which has since been incorporated into the REA. 

Uploaded to REA website March 2020, final report released December 2018.

Second Edition of the Chargepoint Procurement Guidance now published 

We are very pleased to have published a second edition of our popular procurement guide that aims to provide those interested with guidance on planning for Electric Vehicle chargepoint projects.

This second edition succeeds the first edition, dating from April 2015, which was widely lauded as an ‘independent’ but ‘industry informed’ self-help guide for those commencing chargepoint projects for the first time, as well as being a widely quoted reference document for information on Electric Vehicle charging.

The second edition, now available to download, has been updated to provide readers with guidance on the latest technology and market trends whilst seeking to replicate the easy-to-follow narrative of the first guide, as well as the handy hints and guidance on costs.

The new guide features 9 Ps of Electric Vehicle Chargepoint procurement, as follows:

  1. EV Chargepoint Products
  2. Power – NEW!
  3. EV Chargepoint Placement
  4. Payment: Chargepoint Access and Instant-Access Charging
  5. Proprietorship – NEW!
  6. EV Chargepoint Project Management
  7. Price, Procurement and Maintenance
  8. Installation Process – NEW!
  9. Publicity and Marketing

As with the first edition, the procurement guide is aimed at businesses, real estate developers, car clubs, taxi firms, bus companies/operators, vehicle franchise dealers, local authorities and public authorities wishing to provide Charge Points for members of the public, visitors or employees who drive EVs.

The report is publicly accessible here.

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