After starting on site in March 2019, the plant went live with biomethane to grid on 14th October 2019, on time to the day and well ahead of the 31st January 2020 deadline.  Pasteurisation and Separation Systems are now also commissioned.  Output is above expectations, Performance Tests are complete, and the plant has been successfully handed over to the client.  WELTEC Service Department and Biology Departments remain available to the client 24/7.

“We are very happy and proud to hand over this plant within less than a year after signing the contract” says Wolfgang Bokern, Head of Project Management at German AD Technology Provider WELTEC BIOPOWER.  For such large and complex project to be delivered successfully, on time and on budget, is a credit to all involved.  “The WELTEC BIOPOWER team, sub-suppliers Pentair and 2G, civils partner B38, Project funders Privilege and particularly the client themselves (Aqua Consultants) have delivered this large-scale success story with the utmost professionalism” says Dr Kevin Monson, Internationals Sales Manager for WELTEC BIOPOWER.

From now on the plant will deliver c7.3 million Nm3 of biomethane to the gas grid, sufficient to power c9600 households with sustainable carbon-negative energy, 24/7.   (Carbon negative as over half of the input materials are food waste, topped up by chicken litter, cattle manure and other agricultural wastes.  Some grass silage and hybrid rye are also used to balance output).

See the link below to a Youtube video of the completed plant.

We look forward to similar success stories in the UK and elsewhere in the coming years, as we move towards Net Zero.   We look forward to working with progressive clients and cutting-edge partners,  to help the UK go green with renewable heat and renewable transport fuel from indigenous wastes, greening agriculture and reducing reliance on foreign carbon-based energy” says Dr Kevin Monson, International Sales Manager for WELTEC BIOPOWER.