The REA has submitted a response to the Environmental Audit Commons Select Committee Inquiry on Timber and Deforestation. The inquiry included a specific question on the role of bioenergy feedstock supply chains, asking how they impact the development of sustainable forests both in the UK and from where we source biomass imports.

The REA, representing its biomass members from across power, heat and transport, reiterated the role of bioenergy in delivering decarbonisation. The response describes the importance of forest economics and the role that bioenergy demand plays in enabling sustainable forests both in the UK and internationally. It highlights that future demand for biomass can be sustainably met and includes an examination of innovative biomass feedstocks like perennial energy crops and willow. Finally, it also reviews the existing strict sustainability governance arrangements.

The response calls on the committee to recognise that Timber and Forestry policy must recognise the importance of biomass feedstock demand in enabling the further growth of healthy forests both in the UK and internationally.

Read the full response here.