REA responds to Welsh Government’s consultation on banning specific single-use plastics and all oxo-degradable products

The REA has responded to Welsh Government’s proposals to ban 8 specific single-use plastic item types and all oxo-degradable plastics. The consultation closed on the 22nd of October.

The consultation can be read here.

The report informing the Welsh Government’s proposals can be read here, with a summary here.

The REA’s response can be read here.

We have supported the banning of most of the proposed item types and, importantly, oxo-degradable plastics.  We highlight the ban should include any PAS 9017 compliant plastics as they too rely, at least in part, on oxidative chemical reactions when degrading.  We have called for specific, independently certified, compostable plastic item types to be exempt from Welsh Government’s bans.’

Members, if you wish to discuss any of the issues please call Emily Nichols on 07771 556231, or email her at [email protected] .