The newly formed Energy Security and Net Zero Commons Select Committee, chaired by Angus McNeil MP (Independent) issued several inquiries over the summer. These looked at a range of issues relating to the need to reinforce our power grid infrastructure; consumer interests in heat decarbonisation; and the nature of our future energy technology mix. The REA has submitted responses to these inquiries and will seek further opportunities to engage with the committee as these inquiries progress. Thank you to the members who provided input.

  • A Flexible Grid for the Future: The REA reasserts the need to address grid capacity constraints and planning delays. It highlights the issues reported to the REA about DNOs and the transmission operator services. It calls on the committee to push the government to expedite the establishment of the Future System Operator and implement the recommendations of the recent review completed by the Electricity Networks Commissioner, Nick Winser.  Read the Full Response Here.
  • Heating Our Homes: The REA response highlights existing barriers to the decarbonisation of heat in homes including the distinct lack of support for energy efficiency measures; the need to expand support for a complete range of low carbon heat technologies; the need to update the EPC and SAP system; and the need to maintain high levels of consumer protection. Read the Full Response Here.
  • Keeping the Power On: Our future energy technology mix: The REA highlight that despite ambitious targets for a fully decarbonised power system by 2035, the government lacks the clear policies to see significant renewables and energy storage technologies deployed. It calls on the Committee to push the Government to ensure an attractive investment environment while highlighting the need for a complete range of renewable technologies to deliver an affordable, decarbonised and secure energy system. Read the Full Response Here.