RTFG meeting 6th February 2020

Click the link below to get the full notes of the meeting.

6th Feb RTFG notes draft 2.

Please find the action list from the meeting below, along with relevant hyperlinks.

Action list

IW to send the power paper to the group for circulation.  Status: – done.  Click following link to access it REA grid emissions thought leadership

Review the mini business plan at every second meeting. 

Review the Ministerial briefing and if any revisions are needed, contact GH.  Status: –  E10 corrections have been made and are highlighted in yellow.  Any other amendments, please contact GH by end of February.  To view the document click following link George Freeman information request corrections to be sent

IW to delve further on subject of global feedstock availability and bring findings to the next RTFG meeting.  

REA to ask HMRC for the data on fuel duty paid on gas, and request it reports it separately (from LPG) in future

CM to share his correspondence with HMRC on gas fuel duty with GH.  Status:- Done.  For response to Colin Matthews’ FoI request click following link –  Scan of Colin Matthews Freedom of Information request.  For the spreadsheet of info it refers to click following link Oils1119 (1).

GH to progress the idea of a press release on REA’s RTFO target increase work.

CM to get LPG stats from the Liquid Petroleum Gas Association.

GH to organise workshop for DfT on electricity industry and integration of variable renewables and potential impact of growth of e-hydrogen.

GH to add marine and aviation interests to her spreadsheet of identified organisations and send it round to the volunteers IM, Neil Durno, GP & CM.

Circulate stakeholder consultation on ICE ban in 2035.  Status: – Done click following link Stakeholder email

GH to circulate link to DIT consultation https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-consults-on-new-global-tariff-policy

GH to send the link to R4 piece See https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000dxsp Scroll in to 2 hours 48 mins 42 secs.

Dates of 2020 meetings: 7th April, 3rd June, October 7th, December 2nd.  All meetings will start at Noon and finish by 3:30pm, with a sandwich lunch.