The Scottish Government has updated its 2018 Climate Change Plan, implementing Scotland’s new emission reduction targets from the 2019 Climate Change Act.

In February 2018, the Scottish Government published “the Climate Change Plan: the Third Report on Policies and Proposals: 2018 – 2032” (the 2018 plan). In 2019, the Scottish Government passed the Climate Change Act which set targets for net-zero by 2045, with an interim target of a 75% reduction in emissions by 2030.

The 2019 Act set new emissions targets, and the Scottish Government has now updated the 2018 Plan to account for these new targets. The updates include:

  • showing which policy outcomes, policies, and policy proposals within the 2018 Plan will be updated (accelerated), and which policies have been added since then
  • shows the details of the new policy package, and provides a complete list of the policies
  • updated emission envelopes for each sector
  • additional abatement in the emissions pathway to account for the excess emissions after missing the 2017 and 2018 annual targets
  • updating the monitoring framework from the 2018 Plan.

Read the Scottish Government’s publication in full here.