The Scottish Government has published their response to the Circular Economy and Waste Route Map consultation.

The consultation sought views on the proposed Route Map through a public consultation exercise, which was an opportunity to understand a wide variety of stakeholders’ views on the proposed strategic approach to advancing a circular economy in Scotland and delivering existing targets by 2025.

There were seven packages of proposals in the consultation:

  • Promote responsible consumption and production (including reducing consumption of single-use items, promoting product design and stewardship and mainstreaming re-use)
  • Reduce food waste from households and businesses
  • Improve recycling from households
  • Improve recycling from commercial businesses
  • Embed circular construction practices
  • Minimise the impact of disposal of waste that cannot be reused or recycled
  • Cross-cutting themes: Strengthen our data and evidence, sustainable procurement practices, and skills and training.

The REA responded to the consultation on behalf of our members, and our response was quoted several times in the Government response.

Read the Government response here.