Scottish Resource Management Sites Supported through COVID-19 Adaption Grants

Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government have announced that Scottish resource management sites have been supported through COVID-19 adaption grants, confirmed at £820,000. You can read more about this here, and some of the details can be read below.

Funding is being offered to firms, following an application process for grants to help with essential operational adaptations.

With 40 successful applications covering 105 sites, Zero Waste Scotland is helping organisations across Scotland fund vital infrastructure changes to ensure businesses can continue operations with the additional controls required to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Examples of just some of the work being carried out with the support of the scheme include changes to storage bays, installation of welfare and office cabins, traffic management systems, improved signage and new equipment and machinery.

Through the funding, sites have been altered or upgraded to allow for physical distancing and control measures. This has allowed many locations to benefit in both the short and long term with modified storage bays increasing the ability to deal with additional volumes of materials and in the longer term provide increased site capacity. The installation of new equipment will allow businesses to refocus and adapt their business model to deal with current market issues and potentially facilitate new market opportunities.