SEPA Waste Treatment BAT guidance

Following on from their consultation, SEPA have now published their BAT interpretational guidance. This is particularly relevant to those sites operating under PPC permits.

The guidance is available here:

The BAT requirements are in blue and the SEPA Interpretational Guidance is in green in the document.

SEPA are now progressing with the waste treatment BAT reviews. They are in the process of issuing notices under Regulation 63(2) requiring site operators to complete and submit a gap analysis which will then allow SEPA to review the conditions of the permits against the waste treatment BAT conclusions and consider whether any changes or upgrades are required.

They have advised operators to contact SEPA via [email protected] if they have any queries.

They have also have a website which provides some basic information on the process and links to the relevant documentation and guidance. They will refine and update the website and expand the FAQs in time.