One of the statutory instruments to implement the Simpler Recycling reforms,  The Separation of Waste (England) Regulations 2024 were laid in Parliament on 21 May 2024.

Alongside the commencement regulations these regulations progress the requirements for separate collection of waste set out in the Environment Act.

These Regulations set out descriptions of the household waste and the relevant waste which is recyclable household waste and recyclable relevant waste.

The food waste stream includes:

  1. all food intended for human or household pet consumption regardless of whether it has any nutritional value,
  2. biodegradable material resulting from the processing or preparation of food and drink including inedible food parts such as bones, eggshells, fruit and vegetable skins, tea bags and coffee grounds.

The garden waste stream includes all organic material from the garden except:

  1. ash,
  2. plants, or any part thereof, listed in Part 2 of Schedule 9 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981(5) or Part 2 of Schedule 2 to the Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Permitting) Order 2019(6),
  3. soil,
  4. turf cuttings,
  5. waste products of animal origin.

The regulations also set out the definition of non-domestic premises. No further regulations can be made until Parliament is sitting again. If you have a questions, please contact Jenny.