Sizzle have published an investigative report, based on 22 expert interviews (including with the REA), entitled “Seeking sustainable alternatives to peat”.

Key conclusions include:

  • Environmental campaigners have not been sufficiently focussed to drive home the legislative change required.
  • There is limited customer pressure and an overuse of peat when other more sustainable options exist.
  • There has been insufficient haste from industry to explore and invest in alternatives.
  • A small number of companies have illustrated that the transition is complicated but possible.

This report comes following the announcement by the UK Government that intends to introduce a ban on the sale of peat products to English amateur gardeners in the UK from 2024. To ensure that there are no unnecessary delays to the required legislation, it is important to have an understanding of the state of the market for peat alternatives, and the obstacles to speeding up the transition.

You can read the full Sizzle report here.