Revised Standard Rules Permits for the biological treatment of waste

The EA have published the revised biowaste standard rules sets. This follows a formal consultation with industry. They have added 10 new biowaste standard rules permits and generic risk assessments. They are SR2021 numbers 1 to 10. You can find them here. There are significant changes which the EA set out in their consultation response document:

  • They have consolidated rule sets so it is clear when they can be used.
  • Operating standards have been raised and best available techniques built into the new rule sets.
  • They ‘have been more prescriptive’ in their approach.

With regard to contamination in feedstock, for composting in ‘open systems’ and for on-farm AD, they have stated that ‘biodegradable waste that is significantly contaminated with non-compostable contaminants shall not be accepted, in particular plastic and litter shall be no more than 1% w/w and shall be as low as reasonably practicable by 31 December 2025′. For composting in ‘closed systems’ and for AD (except on farm) the corresponding limit is 5% w/w and shall be as low as reasonably practicable by 31 December 2025.

Operators will be notified in writing and will have three months to comply with their revised rule set or apply for a bespoke permit.

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