In the UK, Defra and the devolved administrations are preparing to consult soon on the revision of the UK/GB Fertiliser Regulations. Consequently this event is a good opportunity to learn about the structure of the EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR).

The EU FPR is now in force in the EU, since Summer 2022, and for the first time defines CE-Mark criteria for Organic and Organo-Mineral fertilisers. This opens the European market for carbon-based fertiliser products, and also technologies for organic and organo-mineral fertiliser production and for recycling and processing of organic materials into fertilising products, e.g. drying, granulation, blending.

With 200 participants expected in Brussels (plus full contact networking with online participants via Swapcard), the 2nd SOFIE will be a unique opportunity to meet companies, technology suppliers, regulatory experts and other actors in this fast-developing sector, and to discuss the EU Fertilising Product Regulation and its implementation, new carbon-based fertiliser products and organics recycling technologies.

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