Marking World Whisky Day, three different sectors came together to toast to a greener future for one of Scotland’s oldest industries.

Led by Supercritical alongside partners Xodus and Beam Suntory, the trio have been working together since the start of the year. They have worked on a feasibility study that explores how ‘green hydrogen’ can be used in a net-zero distillery process.
Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, using only renewable electricity. The hydrogen is produced free of CO2, since the electricity used comes 100% from renewable sources.
The project’s distilling partner, Beam Suntory, which owns one of Scotland’s largest distilleries, aims to go beyond net zero by 2040. Beam Suntory is also participating in the Scotch Whisky Association’s ambitious plans to achieve net zero operations.
Accounting for 1.3% of Scotland’s territorial emissions, distilleries are reliant on fossil fuels. To resolve this, the industry needs a revolutionary transformation.

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