WRAP Publishes Food Waste Reduction Report 2020

WRAP’s recently published report outlines progress made in the second year of their Food Waste Reduction Roadmap. The report can be found here.

The Roadmap, launched in 2018, is a programme aiming to help achieve UN SDG 12.3 (halve global per capita food waste) and Courtauld 2025 (cut carbon, water, and waste associated with food and drink by at least one fifth in ten years). Since launch, 261 organisations have committed to the Roadmap, and by September 2020, 171 businesses had provided evidence to WRAP of implementing “Target, Measure, Act”. The turnover of businesses which provided evidence of implementation is £234bn, representing 56% of the overall turnover of the UK food manufacturing, retail, and hospitality and food service.

Key achievements from the second year of the Roadmap are:

  • 57 new food businesses and 19 additional supporting organisations have made the Roadmap commitment since September 2019, including companies such as Veolia, Suez, and Biffa.
  • 171 businesses submitted evidence of implementation of the Roadmap by September 2020.
  • Businesses have already begun reporting success and benefits, with a 17% reduction in food waste, saving over £300m of food.