Read the WRAP Roadmap for the Organics Sector

Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) have published a Roadmap for the Organics Sector. This document is a constructive road map with the overarching aim of ensuring that, as the sector continues to grow in the future, that it remains a trusted and welcomed option for waste treatment that delivers valuable products. This document is published in the context of recent questions regarding some current sector practices. The Roadmap provides clear objectives and actions for local authorities, organic processors, policy makers, and regulators to tackle challenges such as feedstock contamination for organic processors, recycling rates and feedstock supply, and environmental protection.

The challenges the Roadmap intends to address are:

  • The absolute need for quality – quality inputs, quality operations and quality outputs.
  • The need to reduce emissions of ammonia from the generation, spreading and use of digestates.
  • The need to fully value the products the organic sector produce.

The process of managing the roadmap and the completion of its actions will be undertaken by WRAP, on behalf of Defra. WRAP will convene the actions owners, monitor and report progress, and ensure that the roadmap remains a live and relevant document and plan.

The REA have been involved in the drafting of some of the actions and will be leading on delivering some of them. Please contact us if you would like any further information.