Petition: Mandate solar PV on new homes

The REA has thrown its weight behind a new petition calling on the government to require all new homes built in Britain to include solar PV.

Around 300,000 new properties need to be built each year to meet the countries housing demand; the new legislation is expected to increase the UK’s solar generation capacity by 5% annually and will be debated by MP’s if the petition achieves 100,000 signatures.

In the last three months 6.6% of the country’s energy needs were met by solar PV nearly from nearly one million installations nationwide, however the industry has seen further deployment slowing as industry subsidies end.

The petition was launched this week by Andrew Crossland Phd, energy storage specialist and MyGridGB founder.

Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, Chief Executive, Renewable Energy Association said:

“Meaningful change in building regulations to deliver zero carbon homes would further help solar in a post subsidy world, and with new energy storage technology coming online this new policy change could be a game changer for the solar sector.

“The requirement to install solar PV on all new homes would go a long way to filling the vacuum left by the withdrawal of the Renewables Obligation and looming closure of the Feed-in-Tariff. As our annual report, REview 2018, revealed, installations of solar have plunged 76% and 2,900 installer jobs have been lost with more forecast this year.

“The world of energy is changing from one dominated by centralised energy generating systems, to one based on local distributed energy which is ideal for solar, it’s high time our homes were built with a 21st century energy system at the core of our planning system.”


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