UK goes without coal for a record breaking two months

• The UK has run for more than 1600 hours without coal power so far in 2018
• The amount of coal-free hours in 2018 is already double the combined coal-free hours of 2016 and 2017
• This is the third time this year that the UK has broken records on low coal consumption

During Green Great Britain Week, Claire Perry revealed that the industry had hit another landmark this year by accumulatively generating the UKs electricity needs for more than 1600 hours without coal.

This is more than double the combined number of coal-free hours in 2016 and 2017. This announcement acts as positive reaffirmation that the UK is on course to have less than 5% of its electricity generated from coal for the first time since the industrial revolution.

This is not the first renewable landmark reached this year in regards to decreasing coal consumption. In April, the UK ran for over 55 consecutive hours without the use of coal on two separate occasions for the first time since the 1880s and just last month, it was announced that coal’s share of electricity generation had hit an all-time low of 1.6% whilst renewable generation hit a record high of 31.7%.

Commenting on the review, James Court, Policy & External Affairs Director at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“Reaching the two month milestone is a fantastic boost for the industry. The continuous setting of new renewable records and coal lows proves that the UK has both the capability and commitment to drive clean growth forward.

“Moving forward from this announcement and Green Great Britain Week, the industry and the Government must continue breaking records in order for the UK to remain a world leader in clean growth, reach the 2025 target of having zero coal-fired power and benefit from cheaper, greener and smarter energy.”


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