The REA has many industry leaders and policy experts within our team and membership, they are experienced presenters who can bring the latest development on net-zero to add value to your theme, with a particular emphasis on international business and cooperation.

Some of our expertise are:

  • Biomass energy for Heat and Power
  • Liquid and Gaseous Renewable Transport Fuels
  • Hydrogen/ Biogas production and utilisation
  • Energy from Waste
  • Energy Storage and Smart Systems
  • Deep Geothermal
  • Solar PV
  • Electric Vehicles Charging and infrastructure development
  • Wave and Tidal energy
  • Financial, legal and more services to the renewable energy sector


Some of the REA’s engagement on the International Stage include:



Since COP 26 in Glasgow in 2021, the REA has been attending COP as an official UN observer organisation. You can read more about our work at COP here.


REA at the European Economic Congress

In 2023, REA Chief Executive Dr Nina Skorupska CBE went to Katowice, Poland, to speak at the European Economic Congress on a panel entitled “Hydrogen – a lifeline for European industry?”. You can watch the full panel here.


REA at the 8th Biogas Congress

Sara Bartle, REA’s Green Gas & Hydrogen Policy lead was invited to take part in a panel discussion at the 8th Biogas Congress in December 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. The panel was made up of industry experts from Ukraine, Denmark and Germany to discuss the experience of mature markets in building the biogas sector in Poland with Sara discussing the experience in the UK.


REA attends World Bioenergy Association workshop

The REA’s Deputy Policy Director, Mark Sommerfeld and Head of Biomass, Samantha Smith attended the World Bioenergy Association workshop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in January 2024. Attendees included a range of global biomass players like Bioenergy Europe, IEA Bioenergy, Sustainable Biomass Program, and several global biomass generators.

The workshop focused on issues facing the biomass sector across global markets and how the WBA, in collaboration with others, including the REA, could address them, building on the Glasgow Declaration for Sustainable Bioenergy, which was launched at COP26. Recognised as having been a useful starting point, there was agreement that more could be done to tell the sector’s story collectively and clearly, from its connection to the forestry sector, its social and economic value, to its ongoing commitment to sustainability. There were also useful conversations about industry standards and future regulation. We will work closely with the WBA to take the discussions from the workshop forward.

REA at COP 26

We are the only pan-technology trade association who has been granted the official observer status for COP 26 and all future COPs.

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