High-level country report

Providing holistic overview to start you business plan for any new markets.

The process includes:

  • 1 hour consultation to define the report brief i.e., which sector/technologies, which country/regions, which market segment(s), understand the company, product/service, market and competition.
  • Research into the target market(s) using the REA policy team, local contacts, internet, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Bodies, Conference and Exhibition guides and other sources where appropriate.
  • Produce a report with conclusions on the size of the market, the opportunity and challenges, competition, policy overview.


In depth country report

Providing a comprehensive market analysis and potential export strategy.

The report we will encompass the following activities:

  • Detailed market analysis
  • Explore routes to market, identify potential recruits, distributors, or agents.
  • Identify potential customers, distributors, authorities, influencers.
  • Define regulatory requirements and identify key departments.
  • Identify a marketing strategy.
  • Identify potential contacts.
  • Assess potential challenges and pitfalls.

The final report includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the market.
  • Conclusions on the size of the market.
  • Opportunities and challenges.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Define routes to market with details on potential distributors, agents or recruits.
  • Detailed recommendations and proposed strategy including time frames, the investment required and potential returns.