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NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jul 11, 2019

REA Comments on National Grid ESO’s Future Energy Scenarios

Today the National Grid ESO, with their latest Future Energy Scenarios, has reemphasised the scale of the transformation needed to decarbonise our power, heating and transport sectors to meet our 2050 decarbonisation targets.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jul 10, 2019

REA comments on CCC Progress Report

“Today’s CCC progress report must be the starting gun for Government to get on and deliver the UK’s legally binding ambitions to have net zero emissions by 2050. The report reflects the status of renewable and clean tech markets today, with a dearth of polices constraining the pipeline of power, heat and transport projects needed to deliver immediate carbon reductions.

What’s more this policy gap is currently expected to grow, support for renewable heat technologies – under the RHI – is set to come to an end in 2021, transport targets continue to lack sufficient ambition and some of the cheapest renewable power technologies lack a viable route to market. This current stasis puts supply chains and jobs at risk, while also slowing innovation which will be crucial to further decarbonisation in the future.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 25, 2019

BECCS critical to achieving a net zero Britain

The REA has today launched a new paper calling for action to be taken to ensure BECCS fulfils its potential in achieving a net zero Britain by 2050.The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has stated that achieving net zero is not possible without a range of greenhouse gas removal strategies. BECCS, the capture and permanent storage of CO2 released in bioenergy processes, has a central role to play within this.BECCS is already a prominent concept in the climate change debate due to its capacity to provide ‘negative emissions, a net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, compensating for slower emission reductions in hard to decarbonise sectors.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 24, 2019

Smart EV charging good for decarbonisation and the electricity system

REA comments on Government press release highlighting how all new grant-funded home chargepoints need to be ‘smart’ by 1 July.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 24, 2019

Solar & battery storage tax hike legislation laid on same day as Net Zero debate

Dr Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive of the Renewable Energy Association (REA) and challenger renewable energy supplier Good Energy are calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to rescind legislation laid today that will increase VAT rates on solar PV with battery storage, and on biomass boilers. 

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 20, 2019

REA welcomes Energy Networks Association’s six steps for delivering flexibility services report

Today the Energy Networks Association (ENA) published their report: Building a more efficient, smarter, cleaner energy system: Our six steps for delivering flexibility services.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 18, 2019

REA welcomes the news that the UK will likely be hosting COP26

The Government has today announced that the UK and Italy have issued a joint proposal for the Presidency of the UN’s 26th climate change conferenceIf successful the UK would be hosting the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP) event in the UK with Italy hosting the pre-COP event.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 17, 2019

REA welcomes the Mayor of London’s electric vehicle infrastructure plan

Earlier this morning the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched the London electric vehicle infrastructure delivery plan. The plan outlines the mayor’s plans to expand London’s electric vehicle charging network and bring forward the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles in London from 2040 to 2030.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 12, 2019

Renewable energy industry celebrates another record breaking year at prestigious awards ceremony

The winners of the annual British Renewable Energy Awards were announced last night at the InterContinental Hotel in London.The annual awards ceremony is the industry’s most prestigious event and celebrates the most outstanding projects and companies of the past year.The REA congratulates all those nominated, shortlisted, ‘highly-commended’ and the winners of this year’s Awards. This year’s ceremony was sponsored by National Grid ESO.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 12, 2019

REA welcomes decision to legislate for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

The UK Government has confirmed that they will be adopting the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation for net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050. Secondary legislation is due to be introduced shortly.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 11, 2019

REA welcomes report claiming E10 could save public £100 million in a year

The All Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol published its Interim Report today calling for the UK to join other developed countries including Germany, Belgium, France, Finland and the US and move to E10 petrol.The report has found that immediately introducing E10 could save motorists £100 million in 2020. The greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction requirement for fuels which is currently set at 4% in 2019 is due to rise to 6% in 2020. Introducing E10 could reduce the impact of this challenge, which is most likely to be passed down to motorists in fuel prices, by £100 million.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jun 10, 2019

Government confirms details and timeline for a Smart Export Guarantee

Government will legislate for a Smart Export Guarantee – mandating most electricity suppliers to offer a tariff that pays homes and businesses exporting renewable electricity by 31st December 2019. REA welcomes this positive step towards a more decarbonised, local, and cheaper power system. Industry concern over lack of ambition in zero-minimum price and no contract length, in addition to delay in introduction following the closure of the Feed in Tariff. Industry supportive of ensuring the policy is linked to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, and that mechanisms are in place to review the scheme should it become apparent that generators cannot access competitive tariffs.


Meeting Net-Zero GHG not possible without Bioenergy

A new report from the UK’s leading renewable trade association has found that the sustainable use of bioenergy is core to the UK meeting its legally binding 5th Carbon Budget. By increasing its deployment by a factor of 2.5 by 2032, sustainable bioenergy, which is currently the UK’s leading source of renewable energy, has the potential to meet both the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) projected shortfall of the 5th Carbon Budget and the impending nuclear gap by providing an additional 117 TWh across heat, transport and power.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - May 31, 2019

RHI Grace Period to be extended following industry campaign

The Government announced that they will be extending the RHI grace period following a coordinated industry campaign.Under previous RHI regulations, all plants with a Tariff Guarantee would have needed to commence injection of biomethane by 31st January 2020 or 183 days after the date on which the applicant expected the injection to commence..

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - May 29, 2019

REA comments on EV charging sites outnumbering petrol stations for the first time

Figures from Zap-Map reveal that as of 22 May, the number of public EV charging locations now exceeds the number of petrol stations.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - May 24, 2019

Welcome RIIO2 boost for Green Gas sector following REA and REAL Campaigning

Ofgem published their RIIO-GD2 specific methodology. The announcement sees Ofgem encourage the deployment of biomethane. REA and REAL welcome the announcement having campaigned for the greater use of biomethane, reversing earlier proposals that did not include the technology.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - May 16, 2019

Labour to fit 1.75 million homes with solar panels as UK solar sets a new generation record

Jeremy Corbyn and Rebecca Long Bailey outline Labour’s plans to reduce energy bills by installing solar panels on 1.75 million homes. This initiative is part of Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution and promises to reduce the energy bills of low-income households by an average of £117 a year. This comes just two days after UK solar generation broke records by providing 26% of the country’s total power output.