Charge Point Professional – About the Course Teacher

The Charge Point Professional courses will be led by Charlie O’Donoghue, and have been developed alongside EV Technology.

EV Technology is a leading technology business and consultancy operating in the UK’s EV charging sector.

About Charlie

Charlie has been working in the EV sector since 2017. Charlie served as Technical Director and Chief Technology Officer for EV Driver (a UK-based Charge Point Operator). He has worked with Tonik Energy and The Phoenix Works as a Technical Consultant, developing their EV charging products. He was a Director at EVA Global – now one of the leading providers of 24/7 customer service helplines to the charge point sector in Europe.

His background is nano-chemistry and fuel cell research. He grew up in Zimbabwe servicing electrical generators for pocket money.

In his spare time Charlie plays tennis and enjoys hobbyist electronics projects along with baking sourdough bread.

Charlie holds a MSc in Nanotechnology and Chemistry from Rhodes University, South Africa.

You can connect with Charlie on LinkedIn here.

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