As part of a current research project funded by Innovate UK (part of UK Research and Innovation) the REA has reviewed its protocol for measuring physical contaminants in delivered biowastes, which was first published in June 2012.  Following revision, the second version of this document was renamed the REA Biowaste Quality Assessment Methodology and published in May 2024.   

The methodology sets out a procedure for sampling, visually assessing, categorising, recording and reporting different material types in incoming wastes delivered to facilities treating biodegradable wastes. It enables facilities to monitor waste quality, support contract negotiations, and ensure compliance with waste acceptance criteria. 

Download the methodology and supporting annexes using the links below:

REA’s Biowaste Quality Assessment Methodology

Annex A – Compostable Product Certification Marks

Annex B – Biowaste Assessment Report Template

Annex C – Chart Creation

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