The Scottish Government have published a consultation on its proposals to end the sale of peat in Scotland. The consultation follows from plans to restore a quarter of a million hectares of degraded peat by 2030, from pledges in the 2021-2022 Programme for Government to develop work to ban the sale of peat-related gardening products, and from a consultation last year by the UK Government on a ban on the sale of peat in England and Wales.

The Scottish Government’s proposal is to use a two-step approach, firstly banning sales of peat for the retail horticulture sector, followed by the professional horticulture sector, which may need more time to transition to alternatives.

The REA responded to the UK Government’s consultation on banning the sale of peat in England and Wales, which you can read here. We intend to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation, supporting the ban and promoting the role of compost as, in specific circumstances, an appropriate substitute for peat in peat-related gardening products.

The consultation closes 12th May 2023, and can be read here. Please contact us here with any questions or feedback.