Decarbonising Trucks, Trains, Boats and Planes 2019

TTBP delegate list


Scene setting – how rapidly do we need to move on decarbonisation of these areas of
transport?  Tristan Smith UCL Energy Shipping

Getting the measure of GHG emissions from transport – land, air and water
Colin Smith Programme Manager – EST

Orkney, and its aspirations for making fuels from renewable electricity
Neil Kermode – Managing Director, European Marine Energy Centre

The most promising options for low carbon shipping
Tim Morris – Chief Executive, The UK Major Ports Group

Self-Powered Trains – Replacing Diesel
Mike Muldoon – Head of Business Development & Marketing, Alstom Transport

The potential for Sustainable Aviation Fuels
Leigh Hudson – Sustainable Fuels & Carbon Manager, British Airways

The challenge of low carbon HGVs
Philip Fjeld, CNG Fuels

Hydrogen production from electrolysis, its potential and costs
Marcus Newborough  ITM Power

Other RFNBO gases, are they a good idea, can their costs come down and which are
most promising?
Keith Simons, SHV Energy

Case Study: aviation fuel from waste,
Andrew Morris – VP Waste to Fuels, Velocys

Other policy levers for boosting biofuel blend levels,
Andy Eastlake, LowCVP

Infrastructure considerations in rolling out low carbon fuels
Available soon.