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NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jan 21, 2019

REA launches bioenergy review with new Call for Evidence

The REA has launched a far-reaching review into the future of bioenergy in the UK. Bioenergy is energy generated from bio-based fuels, such as wood pellets and biodiesel. The review comes shortly after the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) estimated bioenergy’s contribution to UK total energy could more than double by 2050. The International Energy Agency (IEA) described bioenergy as ‘the overlooked giant of renewables’. The review is expected to form a new policy strategy for government and industry, outlining how bioenergy can fulfil its long-term potential in a low-carbon energy mix..

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jan 17, 2019

Greg Clark reaffirms the potential of renewables

In a speech made earlier today regarding the suspension of the Hitachi nuclear programme, Secretary of State Greg Clark claimed that renewable technologies are not only ‘cheap, but also readily available.’ This comes just two months after claiming ‘cheap power is now green power’ in his speech After the Trilemma.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jan 14, 2019

BEIS release positive proposals on planning for energy storage devices

Earlier today the Government released their Treatment of Electricity Storage Within the Planning System consultation. The proposals will mean that co-located storage and renewables projects in England will not need to go through the time-consuming national planning process if either the capacity of the storage element is less than 50MW or the capacity excluding any electricity storage is less than 50MW. This is an issue that the REA has campaigned for action on over the past few years.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jan 14, 2019

REA response to Clean Air Strategy

Government have today released the Clean Air Strategy. This follows on from a draft proposal and consultation in May 2018. Whilst the REA welcome the ambitions of the Clean Air Strategy, we urge the Government to commit to strong sector specific policies and take into account contemporary evidence on the role of bioenergy in meeting carbon targets. The REA urge the Government to focus on alternative courses of action to improve urban air quality through the uptake of electric vehicles and renewable transport fuels. 

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Jan 11, 2019

REA comments on the Government’s response to the BEIS Committee EV inquiry

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee have published the Government’s response to their report, ‘Electric vehicles: driving the transition’. The response follows on from the publication of the report in October 2018 which called for an early ban on new petrol and diesel car sales and more action on interoperability. The REA welcomes the Government’s commitment to becoming one of the world’s best charging networks bur urges action on interoperability and standardisation of charge point payments, consumer protection and the grid.


New Era for solar and decentralised energy as Export Tariff proposals are announced

This morning the Government released their Future for small-scale low-carbon generation: A consultation on a Smart Export Guarantee. Proposals in the consultation include compensation for small-scale generators for the value of their exported electricity, a new framework which allows the market to develop and increasing the role of small-scale generators in a smarter energy system through the use of smart meters and time of use tariffs. The REA campaigned for the introduction of a market based solution such as this in their response to the Call for Evidence on Support for Small Scale Power last year.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Oct 29, 2018

Concern over lack of support for renewable energy industry in Autumn Budget

The Autumn Budget is a missed opportunity for the Government to show their support to the renewable energy deployment and clean growth.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Oct 23, 2018

UK goes without coal for a record breaking two months

The UK has run for more than 1600 hours without coal power so far in 2018.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Oct 19, 2018

BEIS Committee EV report rightly calls for focus on deployment

Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy Committee releases their report ‘Electric vehicles: driving the transition’

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Oct 16, 2018

REA announces partnership with ITT Hub event in 2020

Renewable Energy Association joins the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership in backing ITT Hub 2020 event.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Oct 12, 2018

WHA Calls for Stronger Enforcement of Smoke Control Laws and Raising Public Awareness to Address Air

The WHA welcomes the Governments focus on addressing genuine air quality concerns arising from the domestic burning of solid Fuels and wood, however, believe proposals will only improve air quality if they focus on stronger enforcement of the existing rules and better public education, especially in urban areas. The Smoke Control Act already provides powers to Local Authorities and Government to ban the use of these polluting technologies in Smoke Control Areas.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Oct 12, 2018

Government announces reduction in Plug-In-Car Grant

The Government have announced their plans to change the current structure of their Plug-In-Car Grant in line with the increased uptake of electric vehicles. The new structure will see the grant rate for Category 1 vehicles reduced from £4,500 to £3,500 with Category 2 and 3 vehicles no longer eligible for the grant.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Sep 27, 2018

Record electricity generation for renewables as coal hits record low

Government data, released today in the quarterly publication ‘Energy Trends’, revealed that renewables share of electricity generation reached a record high of 31.7% in the second quarter of 2018. As renewable electricity’s share of generation increased, coal’s share hit a record low of 1.6%.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Sep 26, 2018

REA comments on the Co-op’s ban on single-use plastic bags in over 1000 stores

The REA welcomes the Co-op’s decision to replace single-use plastic bags with ‘compostable bags’. This is part of their ethical strategy due to launch this week that also includes promises such as introducing easily recyclable own-brand packaging by 2021. The scheme will initially be introduced to the almost 1400 stores which are based in areas where Local Authorities accept the ‘compostable bags’ as part of their food waste recycling. As the compostable bags can be used as kitchen caddies and food bin liners, the introduction of the scheme is expected to result in a significant reduction in the amount of plastic going to composting facilities.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Sep 26, 2018

 REA comments on Labour conference commitment towards renewables

The REA comments on the need for continued Governmental support in order to reach climate targets and progress renewable energy use.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Sep 19, 2018

Updated standard to improve quality of compost

The quality of independently certified compost is set to improve. The quality standard ‘PAS 100’ has been revised in order to introduce more quality controls to the composting process and an improved composting management system. Farmers, food producers, growing media manufacturers, retailers, and consumers of certified compost can now have even more confidence in the quality of the compost that they use.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES - Sep 17, 2018

Juliet Davenport, Good Energy CEO joins REA Board

Juliet Davenport voted on to the governance board of the UK’s largest renewables trade association.